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我愛乒乓球 I Love Table Tennis

我愛乒乓球 I Love Table Tennis


Sep 04, 2010

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OOAK Table Tennis Forum—Interesting TT Video / Pictures

迴響…..I find the pictures in this video fascinating.
-Chairman Mao with his unique PH grip, on a JPen looking blade…then SH a few years later. (I wonder if older PH blades were sqare shaped, then evolved into the round shape. JPen was supposedly before CPen.)
-LGL with his fingers spread out at the back of the blade, a grip many CPen players say NO to.

養觀賞魚新手札記—2010 09 01 魚缸魚 Fish in my Fish Tank

養觀賞魚新手札記—2010 09 01 魚缸魚  Fish in my Fish Tank